I need Model 2050 ft130w dual actinic 420/460nm sunpaq.For saltwater reef




  • Sonya Daniel

    I also have been looking for the 130 watt Square Pin Dual Actinic 420/460 Bulbs but have not been able to find them.  In the post above you gave the Foster & Smith website but they do not have them.  Please let me know where I can purchase them I am in desperate need.  The Light fixture I have is still in very good working condition but I can not find the 130 watt Square Pin Dual Actinic 420/460 Bulbs. Please, please, please help me in this matter. Sonya

  • Current USA - Support

    Dear Hobbyist,

    As it turns out, the  130w Compact Fluorescent lamps were discontinued a few years ago due to a variety of reasons, including government regulations on mercury content in lamps/ballast specifications, lack of an industry recycling program and simply lack of demand.

    A simple Google search did show 130w 4-pin lamps still in-stock on many websites, including: 

    Many companies still sell 4-pin compatible 130w lamps with the 44.25" length. Not many companies still make Dual Actinic spectrum lamps, however Dual Daylight, Smartpaq 50/50 and 96w Dual Actinics all work fine.

    We would suggest simply replacing them with either 96w Dual Actinics or 130w lamps of a similar color spectrum (like our Smartpaq lamps.)

    Current-USA, Inc.

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