AquaChef Fish Feeder Won't Feed at Time Interval



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  • Gary Bastoky

    It's interesting that I've read so many comments, on Amazon, where I purchased this feeder, and elsewhere, that people forget this step. I'm a user experience designer, and when you find that there is a consistent user error in your product, it means that the product needs to be redesigned. This extra step of adding the down-pointing arrow is obviously not intuitive and lowers the general perception of a product that overall is very good.

    What's confusing is that you have 4 sets of numbers which indicate programs, but within each program, there are 2 options. Why would anyone want to feed there fish twice in 60 seconds 4 times a day? Why not reprogram this so that the arrows are not required, one less step, and let people program it for 4 feedings, if they want to, and they can space them out as needed -- 60 seconds or 60 minutes (or whatever). That way, you only have 4 things to set up and you don't have to do that Mode Mode thing which is totally unintuitive and unexpected unless you read the manual closely. The print manual is not as clear as the PDF anyway.

    It looks like this has been a constant problem for some time now. I work with engineers every day and I know they don't like having people complain about their products. I'm sure a simple fix would reduce the amount of user-generated negative noise about this product. Except for this big flaw, it's an excellent product.

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