How many LED strips can I plug into each channel of the Ramp Timer Pro?




  • Everildo Ybaceta

    Can you add a splitter to the outputs of the ramp pro to add extra light strips as long as you stay below the 120 watts or 60 watts per channel?

  • Current USA - Support

    Yep, you sure can!

  • Everildo Ybaceta

    do you sell the splitter and the extra orbit light fixture separately?

    What are the costs for each?

  • Current USA - Support

    We don't sell the Orbit lights separately - since the remotes are universal, we recommend using a Ramp Timer with each unit and simply using one remote.

  • Angel Nieves

    For clarity i can only use 3-24" true lumen pro lights on the one 24v 60w transformer utilizing 2 channels correct?

    Channel 1: 2 marine fusion (32watts)

    Channel 2: 1 Actinic (16watts)

    Total watts 48.

    So i this is correct i see that Current USA only offers the 24v 60w transformer. I would like to connect more lights so where would i be able to purchase the 24v 120w transformer?

    I would like to connect 5 lights total.

    1 - 24" marine fusion

    1 - 24" actinic

    1 - 24" Sun white

    1 - 24" diamond white

    1 - 12" sun light (for refugium)

    Thank you

  • Current USA - Support

    You can purchase the 150w Transformer from Ecoxotic through a local retailer or many online companies, including:

    The 150w Transfomer / Power Supply will work perfect for you.

  • Jason Doucette

    The orbit marine led with ramp timer pro comes with a 12volt 3a power supply. Is this the only thing that is hindering adding additional lighting to the setup? As an example could I hook up a 12v 5a power supply to the ramp timer and then use an additional splitter after the timer to add extra lighting? Or is the bottleneck the actual timer? Would that void any kind of warranty? Simply looking to add supplemental lighting.

  • Current USA - Support

    Hi Jason - the circuit board we use is rated for a MAXIMUM of 60 watts at 12VDC (5A).  Do NOT use anything over the 5A rated current level as it will damage the timer and void the warranty.

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